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Theater - New York

The Swordsman's Lady - Simone - Thespis Theater Festival / Brooke Turner

The Lovers (Reading) - Bella Chagall - Workshop Theater / Virginia Roncetti

Female Persuasion (Reading) - Laura - Workshop theater / Illana Stein

Two Gentleman of Verona - Lucetta, 1st Outlaw - Drilling Company / Hamilton Clancy

The Winter's Tale - U.S. Perdiat, Hermione - Pearl Theater Company / Michael Sexton

Jennifer's Birth (reading) - Adele - Workshop Theater / Ryan Lee

Experimental Treatment - Woman - Wolf-Suit Productions / Craig Newman

Inspecting: Romeo and Juliet - Nurse - Onomatopoeia Company / Thomas Gordon

Pick Your Poison (reading) - Ellida - Pearl Theater Company / Dan Daily

People Like Us - Annie - 13th Street Repertory / Gabriela Ortega

Limerence - Isadora - Producer's Club / Michael Lombardi

Romeo and Juliet - Juliet - Occupy Verona / Joe Raik

Theater - Regional

The Diary Of Anne Frank - Margot - Shakespeare Theatre N.J. / Jospeh Discher

The Diary of Anne Frank - U.S. Margot - Park Square Theater / Scott Rubsam

Peter Piper - Rae - Guthrie Theater / Ben McGovern

Pride and Prejudice - Georgiana, Annabelle - Guthrie Theater / Joe Dowling

Theater - Educational

Macbeth - Lady Macbeth - London's Globe Theatre / Bill Buckhurst

The Seagull - Masha - UMN Guthrie / Hayley Finn

Lives of the Saints - Mona, Flora - UMN Guthrie / David Colacci

The Gods - Electra - UMN Guthrie / Marcela Lorca

Pericles - Gower/Diana - UMN Guthrie / Steve Cardamone

The Crucible - Mary Warren - UMN Guthrie / Bruce Roach


Together (For the Kids) - Ashley (lead) - Evenoah Films / Zach Jansen

Chess - Katherine (supporting) - Largo Films / Michel Cosma

Digital Physics - Groupie (featured) - Philadelphia Philms / John Khanlian

Just Kevin - Harper Lee (supporting) - Indie Short / Friedl Kreuser


New York

The Merchant of Venice (upcoming)
A Midsummer Night's Dream
The Dingdong

The Lovers (reading)
Female Persuasion (reading)
Two Gentleman of Verona
The Winter's Tale
Jennifer's Birth (reading)
Experimental Treatment
Inspecting: Romeo and Juliet
Pick Your Poison (reading)
People Like Us
Romeo and Juliet

(us): Fabiola, Mandy
Bella Chagall

Lucetta, 1st Outlaw
(us): Perdita, Hermione

Drilling Company / Ezra Barnes
New York Classical Theatre / Sean Hagerty

Pearl Theatre Company / Hal Brooks
Workshop Theater  Co./ 
Virginia Roncetti
Workshop Theater Co. / Illana Stein
Drilling Comany / Hamilton Clancy
Pearl Theatre Company / Michael Sexton
Workshop Theater Co. / Ryan Lee
TheaterLab / Craig Newman
Gene Frankel Theatre / Thomas Gordon
Pearl Theatre Company / Dan Daily
13th Street Repertory / Gabriela Ortega
Occupy Verona / Joe Raik


The Diary of Anne Frank
Pride and Prejudice

(us): Lydia, Kitty, Georgiana, Annabelle

Shakespeare Theatre N.J. / Joseph Discher
Guthrie Theater / Ben McGovern
Guthrie Theater / Joe Dowling


The Seagull
Lives of the Saints
The Gods
The Crucible

Lady Macbeth
Mona, Flora
Mary Warren

London's Globe Theater / Bill Buckhurst
UMN Guthrie / Hayley Finn
UMN Guthrie / David Colacci
UMN Guthrie / Marcela Lorca
UMN Guthrie / Steve Cardamone
UMN Guthrie / Bruce Roach


Together (For the Kids)
Digital Physics
Just Kevin

Ashely (lead)
Katherine (lead)
Groupie (featured)
Harper Lee (supporting)

Zach Jansen / Evanoah Films
Michel Cosma / Largo Films
John Khanlian / Philadelphia Philms
Friedl Kreuser / Indie Short


  • University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater B.F.A. Actor Training Program:
    > Ken Washington, Michelle O'Neill, Bruce Roach, Marcela Lorca, Steve Cardamone, Lucinda
    D'Arcy Smith
  •  London's Globe Theatre Education
  • LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center
    > Richard Harden, Richard Schneider, Harry Shifman, Jim Moody, Lee Lobenhofer, 
       Alice Nagel, Sandra Aldini
  •  Masterclasses: RADA, Larry Moss, Barbara Houseman, Kristen Linklater, 
    John Barton, Patrick Tucker, Elena Kuzina, Marion Cantone, Randy Reyes, Jon Ferguson, Dario Tangelson, Rich Rand


Special Skills

  • Movement: Lecoq, Margolis, Lorca, viewpoints, mask
  • Conversational in French language (can also read and write)
  • Dialects: RP, New York, Russian, IPA
  • Trained horseback rider
  • Stage combat training: hand to hand, broad sword, contact